Documentary Film

I served as Producer and Art Director for this documentary film produced in association with GPA Pictures and the City of Los Angeles. The film features interviews with historians, architects, engineers, and politicians as they tell the story of crossing the seasonal Los Angeles River and the need for permanent bridges when automobiles arrived in the early 20th century. Our researchers uncovered photographs and film reels in the City Archives that have not been seen by the public in nearly a century.


Film Synopsis

Bridging Los Angeles is the story of how destructive flooding and snarled traffic congestion brought about the funding, design, and construction of the 14 monument bridges that span the Los Angeles River and what happens when the iconic 6th Street Via Duct falls victim to a destructive chemical reaction.


Companion Book

I designed this 150 page, hardcover book exploring the history of crossing the Los Angeles River. This book expands on the subjects in the film as well as stories we uncovered that could not make it into the final edit. Featuring the stunning photography of Jim Sanderson as well as a vast collection of rarely-seen historical images released from several Los Angeles archives.





I created the film’s website using the WordPress framework which allows us to add functionality easily in the future with minimal redevelopment time. The site will familiarize audiences with the documentary and inform them of related news including information about the film’s premiere in Los Angeles. Later this year we will open a store to sell the companion book, DVD and Blu-Ray copies of the film and other related merchandise.


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Promotional Posters

I created two posters for promotion. The first poster features the photography of Jim Sanderson. The contrast of the image creates an atmosphere of noir and mystery and the repetition of the architectural pattern simply communicates the grandeur of the architectural styling of the bridges. The bridge extending into the horizon foreshadows a look toward the future of these historic icons.

The second poster uses a historical photograph from the construction of the Glendale Hyperion Viaduct, creating a direct correlation between the subject matter and the title of the film. The image speaks to the immense scale of constructing bridges over the Los Angeles river and instantly brings the viewer to the early 19th century landscape in which these bridges were built.


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