This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

I learned of Kirby Ferguson’s work a number of years ago from his TED talk and video series EVERYTHING IS A REMIX. If you haven’t seen it, its most certainly worth checking out here.  In his talk, Kirby explores the concepts surrounding creativity, originality, and copyright in our modern culture. It’s a subject not a lot of people are talking about but they should be. As society progresses, I think we are best served by re-evaluating our systems and beliefs and the subject of copyright is one that is worthy of examination. I was instantly a fan.

When I learned about Kirby’s latest project, THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY, I knew I wanted to support the production however I could. I first lent my support as a crowd-sourcing backer and on episode 4 I have lent my support with compositing, research, Photoshop, and motion graphics development.

Currently, the full series can be viewed on the website The series is a wild ride and even I am not sure how or where it will end. I’m more than excited to be supporting such an innovative content creator that is also looking to challenge our widely held assumptions about the world around us.





Posted on November 22, 2016 in Blog

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