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Video is an essential communication tool for modern marketing and public outreach. Video is an effective tool for building trust through personal connection with customers,  inspiring an audience to action, or meeting your specific communication goals.

Over more than a decade I have produced video and film projects for marketing, public outreach, education, and entertainment.  Every video project I work on requires a unique approach. The tone, style, and production value all need to serve the goal of the communication piece while remaining consistent to your brand identity. Knowing how each production piece fits within the larger campaign or goal maximizes the opportunity to be effective with your production.

Video Services



Planning your video project is crucial to success. Here is how I can support your pre-production efforts.


Asset Collection, Historical References, Look and Feel. Effective projects with great aesthetic all start with some form of research.

Script Development

From expanding an idea to a script that meets your budget to breaking down technical content into a conversational training video, I can assist with script development.

Budget Development

Using the script as a starting point I can break down specific costs for the project

Location Scouting

Waiting until shooting day to figure out locations is a big mistake. Scouting locations sets us up for a successful shoot.

Production Scheduling

Breaking the script down into production boards and a shooting schedule based on talent, asset, and location availability.

Talent Releases

Make sure our legal bases are covered with documented consent for those involved on-camera in the production.

Production Asset Usage Rights

Being aware of royalty costs for assets we don’t create and securing documented proof of our usage rights for these assets.



For over a decade I have been collecting professional video content In a variety of studio and location scenarios.

Studio Shooting

Shooting in a studio gives us ultimate control over lighting conditions, audio recording, and staging.

Location Shooting

Shooting outside the studio can be necessary to effectively tell your story.  I have shot on location all across the U.S.


I have experience from a simple 3 light setup or a more complex lighting scenario with a grip crew.

Aerial Videography

Some stories require an aerial perspective. I have experience shooting from a helicopter as well as with a drone.

Dolly / Camera Car

Adding motion shots to your piece is another level of production value. I have experience with rigging and running motion control systems like camera car rigs, jib arms, and camera dollies.


For presenters with large lines to deliver I can provide teleprompter services that keep shooting and tempo on track.

Chroma Key

I have experience shooting even lighted chroma key for simple background replacement and motion tracking.


Post Production

Add a level of production value that is right for your brand image, your vision, and your budget.


Assembling the puzzle of production assets into a finished video that tells a compelling story.

Animation / Motion Graphics

Titles, illustrations, lower thirds, credits, and 3D work to reflect your brand and quality of production.

VFX / Compositing

Particle systems, smoke, fire, and rain, are just a few examples of VFX and compositing.

Audio Production

I provide basic audio recording, foley, and editing work to achieve the desired result for your project.

Color Correction

I can fix footage that has been shot incorrectly or achieve a color correction that matches the mood atmosphere of your scene and your story

Narration Production

I can help you select and direct a narrator that matches the tone of your brand and your project.

Social Media Content

Social media can have different formats and requirements than regular video.  I can develop your content into campaign pieces for major social media sites. (Instagram, YouTube, Vine, etc.)

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